thanks to Before The Big Day

i've been very fortunate to have some of my jewelry featured on some lovely blogs. i'm always grateful for the support -- when i can i like to give thanks back and let you in on a blog you might not already know about. georgia from Before the Big Day has a beautiful blog all about weddings ( featured in the UK)-- if you go for a visit and take in all the fabulous treats in the posts--scroll down just a bit ... now i ask you-- isn't the wedding featuring the elephant sensational? well if i were going to have a wedding i know i would want at least to have my cats there....
and maybe an elephant or two.. :)

here's the ring of mine that was featured in Before the Big Day's jewelry section-- what fun!


  1. how exciting kathi! congrats!
    i can´t imagine my labrador taking part in a wedding, he would destroy everything...

  2. i love labs nubia-- they're such sweet dogs. i know what you mean though --they tend to get very happy and excited and wag everything over!

    wouldn't it be so funny to have a lab coming down the isle holding the rings-- maybe pulling a little wagon? --ha --it gives me a kick to think of it!

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  4. What a fun blog to look through--and your work is so fitting there! Makes me want to get married again--well, to the same guy, just a bit more frou-la-la!