collection series #2

in order to keep up with this collection series-- i will be posting smaller collections as well as larger. some things warrant a viewing. some things are just strange, or lovely or odd enough... this is a collection of two. a pair of victorian painted glasses. i can only surmise that this is a wedding couple-- as each of the painted white figures  is facing one another extending an offering of a leafy sprig of sorts. the female figure is wearing a rather sporty short length dress. seems a bit odd-- unless it's meant to be a young girl/child...  in which case i would think she should wait a few years before committing!!


  1. They are in pristine condition, and rather odd AND charming! Oh, such innocence!

  2. -- the oddness is what i love best about them-- and their wintery whiteness.. i'm hoping to have someone special to give them to for a wedding gift someday..