oh...and a hex on monsanto--

i've had it up to my everything with ugly humans controlling the world-- overstuffed ceo's and over stepping greedy corporations, corrupt bankers, arms dealers, drug overlords, porn industry execs,  politicians, con men, fake evangelists, lobbyists, people on capitol hill who are closet gays voting against gay rights-- hypocrits and fools running the world--   living off the fat of the land.

speaking of one such example-- monsanto is a horrible company-- and offers nothing for our future except serious trouble-- all for the benefit of short sighted profits at great risk to the world's food supply. nutrition ( what little there is left of it) will soon be a thing of the past -- unless you're willing to grow your own, you will be eating your way to oblivion.... seriously-- time for everyone to do some reading up on this company .

thank you soul-less ceo's of crappy corporations that have no vision except short term ( or long term) profits for the future at the expense of all else-- i now get to put a hex on you!! may you go out of business! people-- all we have to do is stop putting up with it. work together. make choices.


  1. Kathi, I'll hex with you. We joined a CSA this year and are increasing the size of our own garden (hopefully to can the veggies in the fall). We are also joining a CSA for poultry. The food industry is just that: an industry. People need to be more aware where their food comes from, what it is treated with, and how to break the cycle.

  2. that's one of the wonderful solutions jen-- pulling out of the main stream, and finding alternatives. the support of local farming and organic practices will enable those farmers to make a living and make you and your family healthier in the process. so nice to know more people are making these choices!! thanks for stopping in, nice to hear from you!

  3. I just watched the documentary Food Inc and know just what you mean about Monsanto...and so many other of the companies that produce our food. I don't believe I will ever but another piece of chicken again! Luckily my fiancee has a green thumb and we finally have our own yard so he has taken to planting every vegetable we know and love. The American people definitely need to have their eyes opened to how our food is produced.