o.k-- i realize this might be a messy stretch for some--but i've always thought that one of my favorite artists, philip guston must have loved another of my favorite artists chaim soutine. both loved their brush work, shared cartoon-like mannerisms, and despite their differences in palettes --both shared a passion for paint ( and probably for angst). there --nuff said --even if guston didn't love soutine--he has a similar expression.  i'm sure most of you who've studied art history know about gustons's love for de chirico --but what about his secret loves?...every artist has them-- the ones that they secretly cherish, covet and feel akin to-- and that they won't name! i can't help but feel that these two are like the starn twins-- like some kind of singular twin vision spanning decades--
p.s. warning! these are not pretty paintings-- they contain a soulful action and perspective... not for the  weak of stomach! and hey-- can anyone spot tricky dick nixon?-- one of the usa's most interestingly weird/dastardly presidents?!


  1. Tricky Dick is in the lower right, stuck to that big foot, his nose dripping towards the ground! Oh, Kathi, this is GREAT! I love art, the angst is a part of it, art isn't about pretty, it's about soul, and that's what I love...(yeah, of course it could be pretty, AND even ugly at the same time) (hmmm, I am wondering about your secret art-love...I wonder, I wonder, I wonder...)

  2. hah-ha -- i'll never tell!!! at least not with words!! and i am ever so curious about yours dawn!!

  3. :-) It's a secret...a few secrets!