happy thursday

i've spent the last few days working and photographing with nothing finished to show you yet--but very soon i'll be listing a few new things in 5gardenias vintage and in my jewelry shop... in the meantime i wish you all a lovely thurdsay-- or friday-- depending on where you are in the world...


  1. I think I've lusted after this corner of your home forever now...the light is beautiful, and it shows off your magical finds to perfection!

  2. --this is the room that has the best light in the house. the late afternoon sun enters and warms the white walls... and it has more age apparent in the fixtures in the room--the old large swivel windows, and fireplace with built in cabinets on each side -- so it's got a lovely personality... this is where i take most of my photos...

  3. This is my first time visiting with you. I love everything about your blog.
    Oh, so yummy!
    I’m so looking forward to coming back soon.