something is stirring slow and surely
heavy-- and lightly
such a long flight through the snow, wind and rains...
a little soul to travel rightly

more new work  -- so happy to be making it again-- after a break and some time away, things feel fresh and along with the spring-- the light is staying longer and my brain is brimming with new ideas. but i plan to try and take it slow and go at my own pace this time around...  it just seems to work better for me this way...


  1. kathi, this and the post below were just what i was hoping to see when i came here. both are incredible. i'm very happy to see your creative thoughts are spilling out into your hands again! :D

  2. Kathi this is awesome! Ilove the contrast of colors , Its a piece of Art
    Congrats on your home feature, loved it
    you have such a wonderful warm home

  3. katie-- so happy to find you here leaving sparkles of magic fairy dust behind you... and wonderful to see you too, such a lovely surprise yael-- thank you so much for taking the time to leave such lovely comments! XOXO!