wonderful etsy feature

 this sunday i enjoyed the wonderful treat of having my home featured on etsy's Get The Look Decor blog-- one of my favorite weekly etsy blogs put together by christine domanic of iheartmoustaches fame. each week christine features an etsy seller who has a love of home and home decor-- christine deftly and seamlessly weaves in other similar items found from etsy shops that compliment those found in the featured home. i always adore getting a view of other people's homes. it's fascinating to know what makes people happy and comfortable in the spaces they spend so much time in.  in our case-- my husband and children's paintings and drawings cover the walls, and my sculptures sit, stand and lean in nearly every room, along with an eclectic mix of furniture and objects... if you'd like a little more of a view stop by and visit the etsy blog.  happy monday!


  1. Love love, love your blog, jewelry and especially your vintage shop!

  2. Hi Kathi! Lovely feature!! And lovely to have seem it! I saw a FB posting today by Simone that called my attention to it!! I've not been trolling around quite all parts of etsy quite as much. So glad to have seen what you are doing, have done...and to see and hear your style, colors and voice through all of it...

  3. Congratulations Kathi! It is a wonderful feature and your home is beautiful... :)
    Emma, x

  4. hi kathy,
    congrats on the feature, your home looks very cozy and pretty!
    have a lovely week!

  5. sharon-- nice to meet you and thanks for stopping in and leaving your comments!
    and hi there ginny, emma and nubia-- it made my day to find that you'd all been here. thanks for your support-- happy spring to you all! XO!