happy wednesday

it's been snowing here --lightly but all the same, c'mon already it's april 20th!!-  i'm feeling chilled to
the bone and am in need of some serious sunshine. i've been finishing up a few new pieces of jewelry -- a ring  just listed and some earrings to add tomorrow--and had time to list just a few new vintage items in 5gardenias.. a victorian tin litho children's cup and pitcher, and a mid century abingdon art pottery planter... the tin pieces just melt my heart with their well used spindly little handles and worn spots of imagery just rubbed enough--but not so much that you can't still make out the images of children playing and butterflies flying...and beautiful spring color. -- and the planter is lovely too with a creamy white satin matte glaze over a stoic modern design with a nod to the classical.. i think some fresh green grasses or tall chives growing in this would look so pretty in contrast to the soft white...

happy wednesday-- and i hope the sun is shining on you!


  1. The tin litho is gorgeous...just adorable, and that creamy planter would look so good sitting on my kitchen window-sill.

    Now you have me curious about your new jewelry creations! Going to go look!

  2. Ohhhhh those photographs are to die for!!! Love the old tin pieces--brings me back! xo

  3. hi kathi!

    the sun is shinning here (it´s autumn in Brazil) like we were having summer, amazing!
    beautiful new pieces in your shops, love them all!
    wish you and your family a lovely eastern holidays!

  4. nubia-- i'm always thrown for a loop when i think about the different seasons taking place at the same time around the globe-- although it's certainly a beautiful thing--and i'm glad to hear the sun is shining down upon you in brazil. can you please send some of it our way? so lovely to find you here for a visit!

    and cait and dawn-- i'm so glad you love those old tin pieces-- i just adore them. they cast such a sweet spell...

    cait-- i hope you've been getting some riding in this spring and lots of wonderful weaving...so happy you stopped by-- lots of love to you!

    and dawn- as always --you light up my day with your visits--