latest finds for spring

oddly enough i'm just an old fashioned girl at heart, and any bit of old silver plate, tin, lace, porcelain, glass, and flowery business catches my heart and sends my imagination down a long winding swath of wide path through the woods-- eventually bringing me to a rustic little cottage where i hear a rough quill scratching on paper.. a woman is writing at her table....she listens to the bird's songs and the leaves dancing and twigs snapping as delicate footsteps of deer meander by ... someone plays the piano in another room... and a warm spring wind blows the door open just a crack so i can peek in...
some new vintage finds have been rounded up and listed at 5gardenias in honor of old fashioned goodness, creativity,  and spring...
from top row,  left to right
1.  vintage rustic tin pitcher
2.  "think of me" antique porcelain memento cup
3.  vintage Donald Art Co. flower prints in faux bamboo frames
4.  victorian faux tortoise shell painted wooden tray
5.  faceted jet glass hand knotted mourning necklace
6.  SE Prussia  porcelain salt & pepper transfer ware shakers
7.  antique kreamer tin pudding mold  ( soon to be listed )
8. vintage wm. rogers silver plate pedestal bowl

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  1. Your shop is looking great, and I so loved reading about you and your home in the storque on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/get-the-look-decor-eclectic-comforts-12583/?ref=fp_blog_title