my model

sometimes a simple textile panel can move me... just a simple fold or shadow.. the texture of the threads when light hits them --sweetly poetic, slightly awkward. even a little bit lonely hanging all by itself. yet shining with elegant grace and presence... my little lace panel modeled for me today. it was raining and grey-- one of an endless stream of grey spring days here. but a lovely day despite its solemnity.

beautiful music from radiohead...


happy wednesday

it's been snowing here --lightly but all the same, c'mon already it's april 20th!!-  i'm feeling chilled to
the bone and am in need of some serious sunshine. i've been finishing up a few new pieces of jewelry -- a ring  just listed and some earrings to add tomorrow--and had time to list just a few new vintage items in 5gardenias.. a victorian tin litho children's cup and pitcher, and a mid century abingdon art pottery planter... the tin pieces just melt my heart with their well used spindly little handles and worn spots of imagery just rubbed enough--but not so much that you can't still make out the images of children playing and butterflies flying...and beautiful spring color. -- and the planter is lovely too with a creamy white satin matte glaze over a stoic modern design with a nod to the classical.. i think some fresh green grasses or tall chives growing in this would look so pretty in contrast to the soft white...

happy wednesday-- and i hope the sun is shining on you!


latest finds for spring

oddly enough i'm just an old fashioned girl at heart, and any bit of old silver plate, tin, lace, porcelain, glass, and flowery business catches my heart and sends my imagination down a long winding swath of wide path through the woods-- eventually bringing me to a rustic little cottage where i hear a rough quill scratching on paper.. a woman is writing at her table....she listens to the bird's songs and the leaves dancing and twigs snapping as delicate footsteps of deer meander by ... someone plays the piano in another room... and a warm spring wind blows the door open just a crack so i can peek in...
some new vintage finds have been rounded up and listed at 5gardenias in honor of old fashioned goodness, creativity,  and spring...
from top row,  left to right
1.  vintage rustic tin pitcher
2.  "think of me" antique porcelain memento cup
3.  vintage Donald Art Co. flower prints in faux bamboo frames
4.  victorian faux tortoise shell painted wooden tray
5.  faceted jet glass hand knotted mourning necklace
6.  SE Prussia  porcelain salt & pepper transfer ware shakers
7.  antique kreamer tin pudding mold  ( soon to be listed )
8. vintage wm. rogers silver plate pedestal bowl


wonderful etsy feature

 this sunday i enjoyed the wonderful treat of having my home featured on etsy's Get The Look Decor blog-- one of my favorite weekly etsy blogs put together by christine domanic of iheartmoustaches fame. each week christine features an etsy seller who has a love of home and home decor-- christine deftly and seamlessly weaves in other similar items found from etsy shops that compliment those found in the featured home. i always adore getting a view of other people's homes. it's fascinating to know what makes people happy and comfortable in the spaces they spend so much time in.  in our case-- my husband and children's paintings and drawings cover the walls, and my sculptures sit, stand and lean in nearly every room, along with an eclectic mix of furniture and objects... if you'd like a little more of a view stop by and visit the etsy blog.  happy monday!


happy thursday

i've spent the last few days working and photographing with nothing finished to show you yet--but very soon i'll be listing a few new things in 5gardenias vintage and in my jewelry shop... in the meantime i wish you all a lovely thurdsay-- or friday-- depending on where you are in the world...



something is stirring slow and surely
heavy-- and lightly
such a long flight through the snow, wind and rains...
a little soul to travel rightly

more new work  -- so happy to be making it again-- after a break and some time away, things feel fresh and along with the spring-- the light is staying longer and my brain is brimming with new ideas. but i plan to try and take it slow and go at my own pace this time around...  it just seems to work better for me this way...