...yesterday and today i can feel spring--almost taste it. everyone seems to be walking with a lighter step as more and more people come out of hiding from their winter cocoons. i know we will will still have some surprises with dips in temp and maybe some spring snow.... just remembered a great novel i read years ago--by yukio mishima, titled "spring snow" -- with the story set in 1912. a romantic novel, about a young man growing up with a family of the japanese aristocracy-- i remember his description of the cherry blossom festival -- it was so striking-- i wanted to be transported there walking among the blossoms ... wow ...haven't thought about that novel in years! i mourn the loss of reading time in my life..
and with spring come a few photos of a figurine i will sell in my vintage shop-- girl with geese. certain objects really capture my fancy. unexpectedly. in the past i wouldn't have looked twice at something like this-- but now i find it somewhat enchanting-- i'm almost unable to part with it! and i'm a person with a love for dwell magazine and cool modern design or early antiques.. where this soft spot for sentimental kitsch is coming from is beyond me--- but something about its sincerity just fascinates me!
and i recently bought these little folk art wooden pendants and brooches thinking i would sell them in my shop--but i've fallen in love with them.. now THESE are definitely staying for a visit with me for a while!!!


  1. i love the pull toy people. i found one at a junk shop. they guy gave it to me for free b/c it was broken. now i wish i had kept it!


  2. aren't they the sweetest?--- i love their expressions and some of them are held together by thread instead of wire so they flop around really nicely...

  3. the kids and i have a small collection of the wooden string dolls .. they are great! the little girl is the sweetest .. i can understand why you don't really want to part with them!

  4. there are some things one comes across that just have to remain in one's home--- at least for a good visit... the little wooden bead people are such a perfect collection to have for/with children-- they have a folksy fairy tale quality about them.