peanut farm necklace

here is another of the series of "wall jewelry" pieces i've recently finished for an upcoming show which opens march 12. it feels so good to be working with clay again and to be using the materials that have been dancing around in my head for some time. images as well-- of funnels, rabbits, peanut shells, sticks and stems, flowers, textiles--- thoughts regarding proliferation, growth, over production, reproduction... then the idea of what is jewelry? i'm making jewelry for walls with certain traditional jewelry elements or constructs but ignoring the practical requirements and mechanics of wearable jewelry--


  1. You are a natural blogger, my friend!

    I so understand that release and 'birth' of pieces that have been rolling around in the gray matter of an artist's mind.

    ALL of your wall jewelry is exciting! I wish I could see this show...please take many pictures!

  2. beautiful work, and blog!