vintage molded glass bunny candy container

--- vintage molded glass easter candy bunny ---looks good with or without jellybeans--- jelly beans also look good in the palm of the hand, and held between forefinger and thumb heading toward the mouth....

i 've gone on a small binge of collecting a few new vintage easter candy containers-- along with this molded glass rabbit, i have some chalk ware & paper mache rabbits, and 1950's plastic bunny rattles and easter decorations. they come in a variety of vintage colors, baby blue with a red bow--deep cherry red with white painted features....--my favorite new ones are a white chalkware rabbit with bright pink accents and glass eyes, made in germany--- and a very yellow goofy rabbit of paper mache. i think they will make great photographic models.. another favorite that i've had for some years is a celluloid rabbit pulling a chick in a cart-- it's an easter baby rattle and the celluloid is very thin pale yellow --- wonderfully delicate and whimsical.

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