chickity chick

i've always loved the idea of a big ( or envisioned as small at times) floppy eared bunny arriving in the night. a hairy, nose twitching version of santa --- i remember hunting for decorated easter eggs hidden in the grass and bushes outdoors as a little girl... and the thrill of discovering them! the warm sun-- and forsythia, azalea, daffodils & dogwood already in bloom--- a magical time. we will decorate easter eggs soon but in the meantime i wanted to get this little chick from my vintage shop 5gardenias.etsy.com --up in anticipation of the arrival of the great bunny wabbit!


  1. yes let me say again "your photos are amazing!!!"

  2. well Kathi i have to second the above comment! Your photos ARE amazing!

    such a sweet little chickie too :)