more horses for alyssa

i was inspired to post a few photos of my plastic horse collection thanks to Alyssa from BROOKLYNrehab who has a plastic horse collection featured on her blog --she likes to use her horses in photos for her shop--- follow her blog link to see her collection. these two horses are part of my wild little herd located on the floor in the corner near our book case. the horses are very good at collecting cat hair tumble weeds. many times the horses mysteriously take new positions, one day i came home to find some of the horses stacked vertically--- i will need to get a picture of that...


  1. Kathi .. you are an incredibly talented photographer! The horses are lovely BUT the photo's are amazing :D

    Nice idea btw!

  2. hey there kerrin--- thanks for your encouraging words... i studied photography years ago, and am really starting to enjoy it again. i think the advent of digital makes it so much easier to take many photos and doesn't require all that time inhaling chemicals in the dark room, so much more immediate, and spontaneous now.
    although there was something magical about watching a photo appear on the paper in the photo bath....

  3. you could sell these photos! how beautiful!
    can i trade you a ceramic branch for some photography lessons ;)