auntie lou lou's oh so very..hat

i have a love for vintage--- from every era. from classic to modern of the 50s, 60s, 70s . fun & funky kitcsh ( ceramic poodle figurines--long necked cats...OHHH yeah) i wish i could adhere to a single look for my own home decor, but alas i have a very eclectic style going on. from a chinese opium bed near my kitchen---to a fifties pumpkin orange vinyl matching couch and chair in our family room. a huge collection of crocheted granny quilts, hand made pottery, grandma's lenox china from the 50's--- quite a crazy hodgepodge! yet somehow it all works ( at least i think so!) my husband's paintings cover our walls, and my ceramic sculpture sits on all of our tables and shelves...

and auntie lou lou's oh so very...hat is for sale in my etsy shop 5gardenias.etsy.com

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