etsy front page, "mothra" brooch & "marie antoinette wall cameo" by shavingkitsuppplies

one of the addictions i've developed since i joined etsy is a love for curating treasuries. a treasury is a grouping of 12 images taken from different artist's shops featuring a favorite item. it's a way of giving one another a boost. when a treasury gets chosen for the front page, it gets viewing time of about an hour for the general visiting public . it is always good for everyone as it often brings new visitors to everyone's shops --and frequently sales as well. this was one of my most recent curations to hit the FP and naturally, i get quite a charge out of knowing it made it up there for it's little hour of attention!!

this treasury was inspired by the wall textile piece of marie antoinette ( with ships in her hair, no less!) made by one of my beloved etsy friends --shavingkitsuppplies.etsy.com. if you visit her store you will find wonderful antique and vintage transfers on lovely repurposed linens & fabrics, sewn up in fanciful sachets, brooches , and wall pieces. fresh scents of enlivening cedar ( for winter) and calming lavender ( anytime is fine with me!) come wafting from her inspired sachets. science and nature themes run through shavingkit's work which often feature stuffed muslin & linen "mothra" brooches, anatomical man brooches, shadowflies.... french alphabet sachet pillows with pom pom trim, to name a few..... all beautifully crafted, and packaged with an amazing attention to detail. handmade envelopes of vintage book pages and transfer images tied with gauzy seam binding are works of art in and of themselves... you will find yourself hesitating ..not wanting to break the spell of this marvelous package before you--( you really are made to feel exceptionally special!) ...but then the scents, so alluring call to you , and you finally do open the one treasure to reveal the next..... i have given shavingkit's pieces as gifts to friends and to myself. they are a treat for all!


  1. I think most of us succumb to the joy of treasury making and viewing! Congrats on making FP with this beauty :)

  2. it's a great way to spend time-- it serves everyone well! it also fosters a supportive network. thanks kerrin

  3. I agree that making treasuries is addictive. And fun! I feel almost sick if I haven't managed to grab one, say one every week.

    Thanks so much for including my studs in this great collection and letting me know about FP, always a lovely surprise.


  4. yes! it's really disappointing when you miss the window isn't it? -- and so satisfying when you get a good one up. you've made some beautiful ones lately and quite few have hit FP!

    by the way minna--i added your blog to my blog list here---thanks for the visit!!

  5. you and shavingkitsupplies are my heros. both great artists and both great at making treasuries! thanks for keeping me inspired :)

  6. hi alyssa-- i love shavingkit's treasuries-- they're unique each time around-- you never know what to expect from that bag of tricks of hers! and thanks for your compliment-- i can send that right back at you --- you are an amazing designer and artist!!